Results Oriented Management & Accountability (ROMA) is a management approach to the business of providing social services. Its goal is to increase your agency’s capacity to serve as a catalyst for self-sufficiency in your community. ROMA is based on best practices developed for nonprofit institutions. These best practices apply to every level of your organization, from your tripartite board to your front-line staff. ROMA is a tool for evaluating your community assessment, strategic planning, programmatic decision-making and funding. It informs how you serve your community and interact with clients to enhance your processes and outcomes. The ROMA Peer-to-Peer Network certifies ROMA Trainers and Implementers to educate and support the network in implementing ROMA principles.

A ROMA Implementer is certified to operate within the agency to support the implementation of the full ROMA cycle, and is familiar with how to review agency documents and processes. A ROMA Trainer is certified to present Intro to ROMA anywhere, and may or may not need more training to support ROMA implementation.