SCACAP (State Association) is charged with T/TA coordination, information dissemination, collaborate with the national CAP, Regional Associations, and other stakeholders participating in the Center of Excellence (COE)-HCCT to develop state T/TA plans, assist the convening of state and regional T/TA initiatives, support the implementation of community-level initiatives, develop and update T/TA resources, and support overall efforts to improve the CSBG Performance Management Framework.

Below are the goals for the new RPIC grant

  • Maximizing and aligning HCCT T/TA resources and coordinating State and Regional T/TA plans.
  • Identify and highlight capacity building practices for CSBG-eligible entities to share and promote cross-learning throughout identified state and regional networks. More specifically, the state association and state CSBG lead agency will identify one community level initiative per state to highlight.
  • Organize, implement, and participate in national or regional, and State T/TA activities designed to address the collaboration, capacity building, and exemplary practice needs of the CSBG Network to support the full implementation of the CSBG HCCT.
  • Collaborate with State CSBG Lead Agencies and local CSBG-eligible entities implement, meet and exceed organizational standards in area such as consumer input and involvement, community engagement, community assessment, organizational leadership, board governance, strategic planning, human resource management, financial operations and oversight, and data and analysis.

Community-Level Initiatives